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Show Pending Content is free liferay app developed by me. Out of the box, when any web content is in workflow, end user will not see any ongoing changes until its published. This app allows to see those changes to user with specific role.

Liferay provides workflow capabilities by integrating KALEO workflow engine. To know more about the workflow in liferay, refere this liferay wiki page 

In Liferay, we can apply workflow to various entities like web content,blog, forum etc.

When any liferay web content is in workflow, no user can see the changes (from Web content Display Portlet) happening during workflow execution as per below screenshot.
Liferay App : Show Pending Content - user can't see on going change in web content when its in workflow
For example, let say 4 levels of workflow has been configured for webcontent in some site. When any user creates the web content, it will start workflow and reach to each level. At each level, a user who is part of that level, may update web content and send it further. No user can see these interim changes happening during workflow from Web Content Display Portlet.

Many time Business users who owns the content want to see on going changes done through workflow. Out of the box, Liferay will not provide this facility. 

I have created free Lifera app which will help to avoid this limitation. This app is available in Liferay market place. Browse below link to explore it. 

Liferay App :- Show Pending Content 

You can download this free app from liferay market place :- Show Pending Web Content
Liferay App : Show Pending Content - submitted by Nilang I PatelThis app is comprises of EXT and one hook. This app provides dynamic mechanism which allow users to see on going changes during workflow execution by introducing special role. This role is declared in in EXT plugin) file as below.

So after deploying this app, you need to just create one regular role called ‘SHOW_PENDING_CONTENT_ROLE‘ and assign it to user who wants to see on going changes as per below screenshot.
Liferay App : Show Pending Content - user with special role can see changes in web contentThis way they can see on going changes without explicitly going to Control Panel.

So try this app and give (positive) feedback and vote it.

I would recommend looking at index page ‘A Complete Liferay Guide‘ to browse all topics about liferay.

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