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Open source Tech Blog is a platform to get / share knowledge about Open source Tools / Frameworks / Libraries. Tech Blog was initiated in June 2012 with the aim of sharing knowledge

The main motto of Tech blog is to share knowledge to people. I started working with liferay way back in 2011 after spending around 8 years in Java / J2ee. During first few months, I was struggling working with Liferay. This motives me to start sharing knowledge through blog.

Today Open source become essential part of software industries. No one can ignore the importance of it. The clear goal for starting this blog is to help people with quality articles written on various open source technologies. I tried my best to explain various articles in easy steps and also gave adequate answer for all questions asked.

It’s observed that many beginners take great help from this blog and I really feel proud and happy that I had contributed back to community. All well-wishers of this blog accepted that all basic concepts became very clear after following blogs on Tech Blog. Having strong understanding of core concept will help greatly to become master of any technology. This is the foundation on which Tech blog was initiated and constructed.

Being standard practice, I explore each article with an example which helps to understand the depth of the topic. This will help for even beginner to leverage the technique in real life example.

Tech Blog is at top to make learning very easy with easy example and easy understating stuff.

I am confident that people are benefited from Tech Blog and make me succeed to achieve my Goal to help people by sharing knowledge.

Feel free to ask questions / queries or give feedback about anything of Tech Blog as a part of blog / page comment, contact form or directly sending email on nilangpatel.techblog@gmail.com


Have a happy learning 🙂

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2 Comments to “About Tech Blog”

  1. Dear Nilang,

    Can you please help me out finding which version of struts liferay 6.0.6 is implementing internally?


    1. Hello Rakesh,

      Sorry for late respond. It’s Struts 1.X (seems 1.2) for liferay 6.0.


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