create resource URL programmatically in Portlet class and JSP

Liferay provides PortletURLFactoryUtil class to create resource URL programmatically (Java API). You can call serveResource method by such resource URL of same portlet or different portlet kept on different page Liferay provides... Read more »

Resource URL by liferay-portlet:resourceURL Tag

liferay-portlet:resourceURL is a custom tag provided by Liferay to create resource URL in Portlet JSP liferay-portlet:resourceURL tag is used to create a resource URL. It works similar to portlet:resourceURL but provides some extra... Read more »

Resource URL by portlet tag portlet:resourceURL

portlet:resourceURL is one of the custom tag provided by default portlet implementation (resides in portlet.jar).This tag is used to create resource URL in portlet JSP. In this article, I will be showing... Read more »

Portlet serve resource phase / Lifecycle

Portlet can send dynamic content to client in serve resource phase. Portlets are used to generate aggregate response. Each portlet will generate small part of whole page. So far we seen, render... Read more »