Passing information from Action to Render Phase

Portlet specification defines various phases of portlet like render, action, serve-resource, event etc. Passing information from one phase to another(e.g passing information from action to render) is common scenario. When portlet completes... Read more »

create render URL By Java Script (AUI module – Liferay.PortletURL)

Liferay provides a nice way to create render URL in Javascript. Liferay ships with a Javascript framework called AUI (Alloy UI – AUI is a modular framework and provides various modules... Read more »

create render URL By Liferay tag (liferay-portlet:renderURL) in JSP

liferay-portlet:renderURL is a custom tag provided by Liferay. This tag is used to create render URL. In this article, I will be showing how to create render URL by liferay tag (liferay-portlet:renderURL). This tag works similarly... Read more »

create render URL by Portlet Tag (portlet:renderURL) in JSP

portlet:renderURL is one of the custom tag provided by default portlet implementation (resides in portlet.jar).This tag is used to create render URL. In this article, we will see how to create render... Read more »

create render URL By Java API in Portlet class and JSP

Liferay provides PortletURLFactoryUtil class to create render URL in portlet. such render URL can point to other portelt thay may be placed on different page. Render URL can be created with Java API.... Read more »

Portlet Lifecycle method – render()

portlet lifecycle method render is responsible for generating portlet content. it’s called when portlet is executed in render phase Portlet lifecycle method render method represents render phase of Portlet. During render phase, portlet generates the... Read more »

Render and Action methods in Spring MVC portlet in Liferay

Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay provides a facility to define multiple render and action methods. Liferay MVC portlet however allows one render method and multiple action methods. In this article, we will... Read more »