AUI Ajax in liferay portlet

Liferay supports Ajax with it’s build in Javascript library called Alloy UI. You can make AUI Ajax call from your portlet JSP to send request to your portlet and can show the... Read more »

What is Portlet namespace

Portlet namespace is used to uniquely identify each portlet. It’s unique identifier associated to each portlet by portal. What is portlet namespace ? Portlet namespace is a unique value associated to each... Read more »

Introduction to Portlet Phases and Lifecycle Methods

Portlet performs unique operation in each lifecycle execution. These lifecycles are known as portlet phases. Each portlet phase / lifecycle is represented by respective methods in portlet class. In Servlet, the servlet container calls service() method to process user... Read more »

Portlet Lifecycle method – init()

Initialization phase of Portlet is represented by init() method. When portlet is deployed, portlet container will destroy any existing instance and create new instance of portlet. At this time, it will call... Read more »
Servlet vs Portlet - PortletRequestRenderRequest

Servlet vs Portlet

Servlet vs Portlet is curious topic for Java developers to know in details. Servlet and Portlet are web component used to generate content for user request. They are used in different context. It’s... Read more »

Portal Properties and Portal-ext Properties in Liferay

Portal properties are configuration points from where we can change behavior / functionality of liferay portal. Liferay provides many portal properties which can be used to set up & configure Liferay portal.... Read more »

Call Portlet Action Method From Another Portlet On Different Liferay Page

Sometimes, we need to call portlet action method from another portlet which may be on same or different Liferay page. For this we need to construct action URL through Java API which... Read more »

How to create Friendly URL for Liferay portlet

You might have seen long URLs of links/forms of portlets created by Liferay. These URLs are called Portlet URLs and they are generated dynamically at run time when we place the portlet... Read more »

Render and Action methods in Spring MVC portlet in Liferay

Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay provides a facility to define multiple render and action methods. Liferay MVC portlet however allows one render method and multiple action methods. In this article, we will... Read more »

Step by step Guide on How to Create Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay

Liferay provides nice way to create portlet in different technologies. One of the most popular among them is through Spring – a well known java framework. Spring is a well known framework... Read more »