liferay maven plugin – Liferay MVC Portlet with Maven

Liferay supports maven to create various liferay maven plugin like portlets, hook, theme, layout and web plugins. Till version 6.1, ANT was the only way to build the portlet in Liferay out... Read more »
SpringMVCVsLiferayMVC - Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC

Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay

Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC is an interested topic. Both are widely used portlet frameworks to create portlet in Liferay portal. Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC is one of the most hot... Read more »

Multiple render method in Liferay MVC Portlet

Multiple render in portlet is used to show different views. This is required when different actions requires different results to show. Many times we need different views to display the output after... Read more »

Creating custom Liferay MVC portlet

In this article, we will see how to write custom Liferay MVC portlet. Liferay MVC is a lightweight framework provided by liferay to create JSR-168/286 compatible portlets. For simplicity, we will display the string... Read more »

Create Liferay Portlet

In this article we will see how to create Liferay Portlet with MVC framework. Liferay MVC is portlet framework define by Liferay to create JSR-168 / JSR-286 compatible portlets. Liferay IDE (eclipse with liferay plugin... Read more »