Portlet serve resource phase / Lifecycle

Portlet can send dynamic content to client in serve resource phase. Portlets are used to generate aggregate response. Each portlet will generate small part of whole page. So far we seen, render... Read more »

create action URL by Portlet Tag (portlet:actionURL) in JSP

actionURL is used to call portlet’s action method. portlet:actionURL tag is a custom tag provided by default portlet implementation (resides in portlet.jar) to construct actionURL portlet:actionURL tag is used to call portlet action method... Read more »

Portlet Action Phase / Lifecycle

portlet action phase is executed in portlet’s action method. It’s called by action URL. During action phase, user will interact with portlet. Portlet action phase is used to perform some action on portlet. Only one... Read more »

Introduction to Portlet Phases and Lifecycle Methods

Portlet performs unique operation in each lifecycle execution. These lifecycles are known as portlet phases. Each portlet phase / lifecycle is represented by respective methods in portlet class. In Servlet, the servlet container calls service() method to process user... Read more »

Portlet Lifecycle method – init()

Initialization phase of Portlet is represented by init() method. When portlet is deployed, portlet container will destroy any existing instance and create new instance of portlet. At this time, it will call... Read more »

Portlet Lifecycle method – render()

portlet lifecycle method render is responsible for generating portlet content. it’s called when portlet is executed in render phase Portlet lifecycle method render method represents render phase of Portlet. During render phase, portlet generates the... Read more »