action URL By Java Script (AUI module – Liferay.PortletURL)

Liferay.PortletURL.createActionURL will be used in liferay to create action URL in Javascript. liferay-portlet-url module of AUI (a JavaScript framework) provides Liferay.PortletURL object which is used to create action URL in Javascript. Liferay provides nice... Read more »

create action URL By Liferay tag (liferay-portlet:actionURL) in JSP

liferay-portlet:actionURL is a custom tag provided by Liferay. This tag is used to create action URL. liferay-portlet:actionURL is one of the very useful tag provided by Liferay. In this article, I will be showing... Read more »

create action URL programatically in Portlet class and JSP

Liferay provides PortletURLFactoryUtil class to create action URL programatically (Java API). Such action URL can point to different portelt which is placed on either same or different page. Liferay provides facility to create action URL programatically... Read more »

Portlet Action method invocation in Liferay

Portlet action method executes action phase of portlet. It’s not required to override any method to define action method in portlet. Portlet action method is called by its super class (LiferayPortlet) through reflection. actionURL(in... Read more »

Call Portlet Action Method From Another Portlet On Different Liferay Page

Sometimes, we need to call portlet action method from another portlet which may be on same or different Liferay page. For this we need to construct action URL through Java API which... Read more »