Liferay Development

Liferay provides all basic portal functionality + more than 60 out of the box (ready to use) portlets which we can directly use without writing single line of code.
In case if we need custom functionality, we can use Liferay SDK (Software Development Kit). This SDK provides Liferay development to create following type of plugins.

  • Portlet
  • Hook
  • Theme
  • Layout Templates
  • Web Modules
  • Ext
First you need to setup Liferay Development Environment in your local before staring development.
Except EXT plugin all other plugins are hot deploy-able (can be installed without restarting the server). Below is the brief about each type of plugins
1) Portlet :- its web component just like servlet, provide specific functionality. It  is rendered small portion of page to form complete composite web page.
2) Hook :- This plugin is used to override mainly JSPs of portal source/out of the box portlets. Hook can be useful when we need just small amount of code (mainly JSPs) change. Its also useful to define properties. There are few exceptional cases where we can use hook to customize java code (e.g. login pre and post hook)
3)Theme :- As its name suggest, it provide look and feel of the site. Liferay portlal comes with defaul theme called classic. With the help of Liferay SDK, we can create our own theme and for each theme we can define various color scheme.
4)Layout Templates:- this plugin will be used to define various layouts of the pages.

5)Web Modules :- This plugins are of type web application that will be integrated to Liferay like Enterprise Service Bus, Search Engine web application.
6)EXT:- If we want to customize specific behavior of liferay portal then EXT can be useful. This type of plugin is not hot deployable, means after deploying EXT, we need to restart server.
You can get more information about Liferay SDK from here. This is for Liferay 6.2 as of now latest stable version of Liferay.
I would recommend looking at index page ‘A Complete Liferay Guide‘ to browse all topics about liferay.

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