Portlet Modes in Liferay

Portlet modes is a state in which portlet can generate its content.  Portlet can run in different portlet modes which is one of the key difference between portlet and servlet. Portlet mode... Read more »

Resource URL by liferay-portlet:resourceURL Tag

liferay-portlet:resourceURL is a custom tag provided by Liferay to create resource URL in Portlet JSP liferay-portlet:resourceURL tag is used to create a resource URL. It works similar to portlet:resourceURL but provides some extra... Read more »

AUI Ajax in liferay portlet

Liferay supports Ajax with it’s build in Javascript library called Alloy UI. You can make AUI Ajax call from your portlet JSP to send request to your portlet and can show the... Read more »

Resource URL by portlet tag portlet:resourceURL

portlet:resourceURL is one of the custom tag provided by default portlet implementation (resides in portlet.jar).This tag is used to create resource URL in portlet JSP. In this article, I will be showing... Read more »

Portlet serve resource phase / Lifecycle

Portlet can send dynamic content to client in serve resource phase. Portlets are used to generate aggregate response. Each portlet will generate small part of whole page. So far we seen, render... Read more »

Liferay service builder concept

Liferay provides a nice way of creating service and persistence layer. Liferay Service Builder is a tool to create service-persistence layer. Service and persistence layer is a one of the most important... Read more »
SpringMVCVsLiferayMVC - Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC

Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay

Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC is an interested topic. Both are widely used portlet frameworks to create portlet in Liferay portal. Liferay MVC vs Spring MVC is one of the most hot... Read more »

Requires namespaced Parameter in Liferay

Liferay requires namespaced parameter starting from version 6.2. This is required to avoid name collision. While working with portlet, most of the cases you are submitting some values from jsp, taking it in... Read more »

What is Portlet namespace

Portlet namespace is used to uniquely identify each portlet. It’s unique identifier associated to each portlet by portal. What is portlet namespace ? Portlet namespace is a unique value associated to each... Read more »

Passing information from Action to Render Phase

Portlet specification defines various phases of portlet like render, action, serve-resource, event etc. Passing information from one phase to another(e.g passing information from action to render) is common scenario. When portlet completes... Read more »