Easy way to create Liferay maven service builder

Service builder is one of the most useful tool provided by Liferay to generate service and persistence layer. It generate all boilerplate code automatically Starting from version 6.2 liferay supports creating plugin... Read more »

create resource URL programmatically in Portlet class and JSP

Liferay provides PortletURLFactoryUtil class to create resource URL programmatically (Java API). You can call serveResource method by such resource URL of same portlet or different portlet kept on different page Liferay provides... Read more »

Create maven Spring MVC Portlet in Liferay

Liferay provides various framework to create plugins. Spring MVC is one of the most popular framework to create portlets on Liferay. In this article, I will be showing how to create Maven... Read more »

liferay maven plugin – Liferay MVC Portlet with Maven

Liferay supports maven to create various liferay maven plugin like portlets, hook, theme, layout and web plugins. Till version 6.1, ANT was the only way to build the portlet in Liferay out... Read more »